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January Rising Star Student Chyene Phillips

Chyene Phillips is a Norwood View Rising Star for the 6th grade.  Chyene greets everyone with a smile and goes above and beyond in the classroom.  You can always count on Chyene to complete all of her assignments, including homework, because she takes school very seriously.    

Chyene’s favorite subjects in school are math and science, which will help her reach her end goal of becoming a back surgeon when she grows up.   Besides being an exemplary student, Chyene enjoys playing out on the playground with her friends at recess.  Her hobby is drawing, mainly people, but she is also looking into boxing lessons. At home, Chyene stays busy caring for her four dogs.  We wish Chyene all the best as she continues working towards her goals.  Students like Chyene are what make Norwood City Schools great!

Posted Tuesday, January 22, 2019