Message from the Principal

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear View Parents,

On behalf of the View Elementary staff, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year. We are thrilled that you have entrusted us with your child's education.  In lieu of everything going on in the world around us,  be assured that we are dedicated to providing an educational experience of the highest quality for every student.  We have spent the past 5 months learning, gathering information, and putting together a comprehensive safety plan to ensure the most conducive learning experience for our students.  Together with everyone’s help, we Can & Will get through these turbulent times.


It’s our belief that all of us - the school, the parents, and the community - must work together as an extended family

environment to ensure success for each student.   Whether learning be in class or virtual, our staff and administrators have utilized numerous professional development opportunities designed to produce academic growth for each and every student.  We know that COVID-19 has changed protocol, policy and strategies, but we also believe that without your support and being active in your child’s educational endeavors it would be a much tougher road.  So we encourage each of you to become a member of our PTA, communicate with your child's teachers, and attend school events throughout the school year.


Please be aware that as part of our security policy:

  • To be allowed to take a student from the building, the adult must be VERIFIED as a listed  emergency contact on the students Emergency Medical Authorization Form and MUST SHOW PHOTO ID         
  • The main office entrance is located on the front of the building (facing Sherman Avenue) by the new playground.
  • Parents are encouraged to park in the east side parking lot off Station Avenue.


Back to School plan:

  • We will start the year with A & B Days.  Teachers will be in contact to let you know who your child will have for homeroom & which days they will be in attendance.  Those in A Group: will come to school on Mondays & Tuesdays; B Group: will come Thursdays & Fridays.
  • Students K-12 will be required to wear a mask to school each and every day they attend.   
  • Students will need to bring their Chromebooks with them each day (please make sure they are charged).
  • Students will enter/exit through assigned doors.  Please review the Arrival/Dismissal Plan.

The first day of school for Grades 1-6 is Monday, August 24th.  Our doors will open at 8:15 am this year with regular school hours from 8:35 to 3:20.   Our staff is ready to embrace the process of creating Innovative mindsets in each student.



Lin Yates, Principal

Norwood View Elementary




View Arrival and Dismissal Plan

As you are aware, the View will be housed at Norwood Middle School for the 2020-2021 school year.  As expected, arrival (8:15-8:30) and dismissal (3:10-3:30) will be our busiest times of the day.  We believe the following procedures will provide safe transitions for our students, families, and staff.

Arrival : To ensure an efficient traffic flow, vehicles should approach the school from Montgomery Avenue, head west on Elm Avenue, turn left onto Station Avenue, then turn right into the parking lot.  (Vehicles will ALWAYS enter the parking lot from Station Avenue).  Students should be dropped off in the yellow crosswalk area.  Cars may then exit onto Elm Avenue and travel west. (Vehicles will ALWAYS exit the parking lot onto Elm Avenue)

Students attending the before school program may enter the east side doors (by the crosswalk) beginning at 7:00 am.  Siblings of high school and/or middle school students may enter the east side doors beginning at 7:45 am.  The doors will open for all other students at 8:15 am.

To manage social distancing, grade levels will be assigned different locations to enter/exit the building:

  • K & 1st will utilize the rear doors next to the Field House
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th will utilize the east side doors by the parking lot crosswalk
  • 5th & 6th will utilize the front main entrance (steps)

Dismissal: Students will exit the building through their assigned doors and assemble in their designated pick up areas:

  • K & 1st grades will assemble by the rear doors next to the Field House.   K will be dismissed at 3:10 and 1st will be dismissed at 3:20.
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th grades will assemble by the east side doors at 3:20
  • 5th & 6th grades will assemble on the yard by the parking lot crosswalk at 3:20

Parents may park on the east side parking lot and walk (using crosswalk) to get their child from their designated pick up areas.  Students should always be accompanied by an adult or older sibling when walking through the parking lot crosswalk.