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Hearing Screen Info

The Norwood City Schools’ Health Services program routinely screens students for possible hearing problems to identify any barrier to learning that might be corrected.

Hearing screening programs are important for these reasons:

• Hearing is important for speech, language development, reading and learning.

• A hearing screening can detect if your student needs further hearing testing.

• Even if your student has passed a hearing screening previously, their hearing can change.

• Hearing problems can be related to medical problems.

• Hearing loss is invisible and your student may appear to be not paying attention.

Hearing screening will consist of one or more of the following tests:

Tympanometry: Screening of the middle ear function to determine presence/absence of middle ear fluid and/or wax which could interfere with normal hearing.

Audiometry: Screening of hearing acuity

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE): An objective test that screens for an estimate of hearing sensitivity.

If your student passes the hearing screening, you may not be contacted. A hearing screening only provides a snapshot of how your student performs on the day the test was administered and is not a substitute for a complete hearing evaluation by an audiologist.

If your student fails either part of the screening, a rescreen and/or referral will be made.

Please contact me with any questions,

Datosha Brigger, RN, MSN-ED, SNL
District Nurse
Norwood City School District