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School Health


Welcome to School Year 2022-23!

My name is Datosha Brigger and I am your new district nurse at Norwood City Schools. My background in nursing started 15 years ago at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in hematology/oncology and finished up in orthopedics. This is my fourth year in school nursing and I couldn’t be more excited to be here at Norwood! I look forward to helping your children succeed in all aspects of their learning. In order to have your children happy, healthy and safe, the aides and I are going to need some help from you!

Here are basic guidelines I’d like to share with you on how to deal with sickness, COVID-19 (it is still here!), and positive cases of COVID-19:

·      IF your child is not feeling well (sore throat, rash, headache, etc.), please keep them home.

·      IF they don’t feel well longer than a day, please get them COVID-19 tested. The PCR test is the most accurate. With that said, if you test early, you can get a false negative. The incubation period for COVID-19 is about five days.

·      IF your child does test positive, they need to isolate at home for five days. If they are going to be in a common area (bathroom, kitchen, etc.), they would need to mask indoors. The day your child first shows symptoms or tests positive is considered Day Zero. The five days of isolation begins after that day.

·      IF your child does test positive, please send the positive test result to your school’s main office or nurse/aide when your child returns to school. Doing this ensures your child has an excused absence.

·      IF your child is in close contact of a positive case, please monitor them for any symptoms (even a stuffy nose). If symptoms were to develop, your child would need to isolate for five days and return when symptom free and mask for the next five days.

·      Remember: handwashing is still the best way to prevent illness!

Thank you for your help in keeping not only our students safe, but the community safe. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to either your school’s health aide or me.


Datosha Brigger, RN, MSN-ED, SNL
District Nurse
Norwood City Schools
Office - 7:30-3:00  Middle School Clinic

Health Aides:
High School- Karen Elliot 924-2881 (7:30-3:00)
Middle School- Kim Cole  924-2721 (7:30-3:00)
Norwood View- Kim Giles 924-2614 (8:00-3:30)
Sharpsburg Elementary- Diane Prather 924-2605 (8:00-3:30)
Sharpsburg Primary -Diane Prather 924-2653 (8:00-3:30)
Williams Avenue -Kim Ebhardt 924-2524 (8:00-3:30)

Centerpoint Health Center located in the High School - Sherry Robbins 653-0474


Section 504 of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 ADAAA:

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires a public school district to identify each child who has a disability that substantially limits a major life function such as learning, eating, sleeping, etc. If you believe your child’s health condition substantially limits a major life function, he/she may qualify for an evaluation to determine Section 504 eligibility.  Please feel free to contact the Norwood City Schools’ Special Education Coordinator, Amanda Havlin, at 924-2502 or Norwood City Schools’ district nurse, Datosha Brigger at 924-2882.