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Special Education

Special Education Overview
Norwood City Schools in committed to the success of each individual student. Our Special Education Department provides individualized supports through a continuum of service delivery options. Our goal is to facilitate academic and social development while maintaining dignity and respect for each student. We pride ourselves in working in a collaborative model with parents, support staff, and general education teachers to facilitate the independence and success of each student. By offering a continuum of services we are able to meet the unique needs of all students with disabilities. We promote inclusion in the general education setting to the greatest extent possible by providing specially designed services in the least restrictive environment.

Child Find
Norwood City Schools is in an ongoing effort to identify, locate, and evaluate children with disabilities in that reside in the district who are in need of special education and/or related services. If you know of a child up to 21 years of age who you suspect may have a disability, but is not currently receiving services though our school district, please contact us at 513-924-2500.

Special Education Process
A child’s eligibility for special education services is based on whether or not a qualified team of professionals determines the presence of a disability, the need for specially designed instruction and/or related services, and an adverse effect on the child’s education as part of an Evaluation Team Report (ETR). Information about the child will be collected from the parents/guardian, teachers, school psychologist, school nurse, and if necessary related service providers. In collaboration with the parents/guardian, the school will determine if the student is eligible for special education services. If the child is eligible, and Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting will be held. If the child does not qualify for special education services, appropriate modifications and/or interventions will be developed to ensure that the child is successful.

Amanda Havlin
Director of Special Education
513-924-2502 - phone
513-396-6420 - fax