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Kathy Strasser, RN, MS, LSN, NCSN
District School Nurse


Norwood City Schools Health Services
District Nurse:
Kathy Strasser 924-2882/479-5220
7:30-3:00  Middle School clinic
Health Aides:
High School- Barb Smith 924-2881 (7:30-3:00)
Middle School- Tammy Guy 924-2721 (7:30-3:00)
Norwood View- Kim Giles 924-2614 (8:00-3:30)
Sharpsburg Elementary- Diane Prather 924-2605 (8:00-3:30)
Sharpsburg Primary -Sherry Robbins 924-2653 (8:00-3:30)
Williams Avenue -Diana Rhodes 924-2524 (8:00-3:30)


changing the outcome together 
Dear Parent or Guardian
We are very pleased to let you know that our partnership of Norwood City Schools and the Center for Better Health and Nutrition is offering cardiovascular risk screening at the Norwood Middle School.  If you and your child give permission to take part in this screening, your child will be screened for high cholesterol and triglycerides, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, body fat percentage and be checked for a good weight for height (body mass indes).  All these conditions can lead to an increased risk of heart desease and can be treated.   Since these conditions are common, all 7th and 8th graders are being invited to participate.  If your child participated, a small blood sample will be taken using a finger prick.  We will send you a report of the screening results and make suggestions if any of the values are of concern to your child's health.  Please sign the enclosed permission form, complete the parent/guardian survey and return them to the school nurse or advisory teacher.
We firmly believe that if we find any of theses problems early, we can link you with treatment services and improve your child's health.  We will be studying the results of this project and your child's participation could add to our knowledge of these conditions which increase the risk of heart problems.  This screening is completely voluntary and you do not have to participate if you and your child do not want to.  If you have any questions, you can call Kathy Strasser, RN at 513-924-2882
Robert Siegel, MD                                                             Elaine Urbins, MD
Medical Director                                                                Director
The Center for Better Health and Nutrition                           Preventive Cardiology

Section 504 of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 ADAAA:

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires a public school district to identify each child who has a disability that substantially limits a major life function such as learning, eating, sleeping, etc. If you believe your child’s health condition substantially limits a major life function, he/she may qualify for an evaluation to determine Section 504 eligibility.  Please feel free to contact the Norwood City Schools’ Special Education Coordinator, Shannon Eshman, at 924-2502 or Norwood City Schools’ district nurse, Kathy Strasser at 924-2882.
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