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Michelle VanHook 34 Years of Dedication to NSCD

Michelle attended Norwood View for Kindergarten - 8th grade and went on to Norwood High School graduating with the class of 1974.  Her life in Norwood did not stop with high school graduation and after college she joined the teaching staff at Norwood. 
Michelle was hired in the Spring of 1985.  She has taught at Williams Avenue Elementary, Allison and Norwood View during her teaching career.  We all have tremendous respect for Norwoodians that come back to teach in Norwood.

Giving back is something that all should aspire to do and Michelle is a prime example of giving back.  We are grateful for Michelle VanHooks years of service.  There are many ways that Ms. VanHook supported new teachers and colleagues.  She was instrumental to many new teachers in setting up their classrooms and beginning their teaching career.  For students, she was crucial to their success in countless ways.  One of the most charming comments we received of gratitude was from a student who mentioned:  "I had Ms. VanHook in 1st & 2nd grade and we had a little kitchen set up in the back of the room.  She used to cook things for us all the time...we liked calling her Ms. VanCook".
Michelle we thank you for your service and wonderful things you have done with our staff, buildings and with the many students you've impacted in such a positive way. 

Posted Wednesday, May 22, 2019