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January Rising Star Jacob Jackson

Jacob Jackson is a student that every teacher is fortunate to have in a class.  Jacob is a tremendous student for several reasons.  Jacob, first and foremost, is a tremendous worker. He rarely needs reminders to complete work or stay on task. Often, he asks if there is more he can do. Jacob is very conscientious of his work, he takes his work very seriously. He never hesitates to ask for clarification.  Besides his super work ethic, he is a caring classmate with a big heart.

Jacob is always there for the people around him, student or adult, friend or stranger. He would be the first to help a classmate clean up a spill or comfort a teammate who is hurt during a game.  Jacob is one of our 6th grade Sharpsburg ambassadors. One of Jacob’s responsibilities is to welcome substitute teachers to Sharpsburg Elementary. He greets them with a warm smile, shares our procedures and our very important SHARP student expectations and incentives. 
Jacob plays many sports, however, his favorite sport is baseball. Jacob hopes to one day play major league baseball.  His dream is to play in the World Series.  He is willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to get there.  He is very close with his family, especially his cousins.  He likes outdoor activities, especially fishing.
Sharpsburg Elementary is lucky to have Jacob as part of its community.  Congratulations Jacob!!  It’s students like Jacob that make Norwood City School District great.

Posted Tuesday, January 22, 2019