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January Rising Star Olivia Nelson

Every so often, a student passes through 6th grade who truly falls into a league of their own.  Olivia Nelson is that student.  She has proven herself to be exceptional in both her academics and work ethic. She picks up concepts quickly and at a depth that  goes far beyond a 6th grade level.  Although Olivia is at her best when aggressively attacking problems and concepts on her own, she is also very willing to help and guide others.  

She has demonstrated this on numerous  occasions without being prompted.  This kindness and compassion coupled with her ability, makes her a quiet leader that others look up to.  Down the road, Olivia is interested in some type of Science, Marine biology or Teaching.  Regardless of the path she takes, Olivia will be most definitely one that makes a difference.  It’s students like Olivia that make Norwood City School District great.

Posted Tuesday, January 22, 2019