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February Rising Star Abby Edmund


Abby's true athleticism can be seen as she is playing basketball or sliding head first in to a base while playing mat ball in gym class. She plays hard and fair and is always a good sport no matter the game or physical challenge. Abby sings her heart out in Glee Club. She shows real commitment and growth by attending two practices a week and several performances
throughout the year. Abby is a writer and an artist. She has a true passion for writing imaginative stories and meets every expectation for any art or craft project she creates. We always look forward to and will surely miss the one-of-a kind ornaments she makes for us every year. Abby is never grumpy or in a bad mood, which in turn

always puts those around her in a good mood. She is kind, considerate and a friend to anyone she meets. Students like Abby make Norwood City Schools great!

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