Treasurer's Office

Treasurer's Office

Julie Kamphaus

The Norwood City School District’s Treasurer’s Department handles all financial matters of the Board of Education and the District. This involves the receipting, safekeeping, accounting for, and disbursement of all public funds as required by law and in accordance with Board regulations and policies. The Treasurer’s Department maintains a complete and systematic set of financial records in accordance with State of Ohio statute, the Auditor of the State of Ohio, and the Bureau of Public Inspection and Supervision. The Treasurer’s Department administers all payroll functions and employee fringe benefit programs. The Treasurer also performs all secretarial duties of the Board of Education including maintaining the official minutes and all other correspondence and records.
Treasurer’s Office Staff:       924-2508

Julie Kamphaus- Treasurer
Heather Cole - Assistant Treasurer
Laura Zimmerman - Assistant Treasurer/Payroll/Benefits
Bridgette Brauch - Account Specialist/Acoounts Payable
Norwood City Schools has joined Ohio Local Governements in dispaying spending on  In 2015, Treasurer Josh Mandel launched this program, which set a new national standard for government transparency.  For the first time in Ohio history, this placed all the state spending information on the internet. earned Ohio the number one rankings in the country for government transparency. 

Five Year Forecast

Five Year Forecast with Assumptions

This page contains the General Fund five-year forecast with assumptions as filed with the Ohio Department of Education as required by 5705.391 of the Ohio Revised Code. It reflects three years of general fund operations


The financial projections provide an indicator of trends that can help the board and administration to make the best program decisions regarding taxes and budgeting.

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