What's happening at Norwood
Norwood High School Selected as one of the Top 100 in Ohio!
Congratulations to Norwood High School for being named one of the Top 100 High Schools in Ohio by U.S. News & World Report!  Currently there are 820 high schools in the State of Ohio, and being selected to the Top 100 is an honor.  This amazing accomplishment is a great recognition of the hard work that our fantastic students, staff and administration of Norwood High School have been striving for over the years.  
Norwood Board of Education proudly honored April's Rising Star Students at the April 16th board meeting.  Pictured with the board members and Mr. Amodio are (lt to rt), Brian Hernandez, Jose Gutierrez, Eden Atwood, Kayla Vaughn, Amber Greene, Tracy Borgemenke, Austin Abbott, Maya Gross and Jack Mayfield.  Not pictured Cameron Addis.
Norwood Board of Education proudly honored April's Rising Staff Stars at the April 16th board meeting.  Pictured with board members and Mr. Amodio are (lt to rt)  Megan Milo, Catherine Roberts, Jessica Ruehl and John Sigler.  Not pictured are Toni Glisson and Sonya Moyers.
Kevin English (a junior) applied and was accepted to summer program at Harvard. The cost to this 6 week program is about $11,500. During this 6 week stay Kevin will live on campus and take 2 courses. Kevin was awarded a $7,500 scholarship from Harvard. The Norwood Business and Professional Woman Club have given Kevin $500 and today at about 1:45pm Clark Eads from the Norwood Alumni Association informed Kevin that some individuals from the Norwood Alumni Association have agreed to pay the remaining balance. When you see Kevin please congratulate him 
Congratulations to the following students, the First group of seniors to receive assistance from GearUp:  Maureen Heintz (Site Director)  Haley Hedges, Humberto Valdes Flores, Brandy Saul and Demarea Reed
Several months ago the Norwood City School District was fortunate enough to be selected by the Ohio Board of Regents as one of four school districts in the state of Ohio to be included in their GEAR UP Grant application. The GEAR UP Grant is a federally funded grant program directed by the United States Department of Education. Last week the Ohio Board of Regents was notified by USDOE that they had been selected as one of the grant recipients. With the awarding of this grant, our district will receive significant financial resources in the areas of student academic mentoring, post-secondary preparation and college tuition scholarships for our students. The focus of this federal grant is to prepare and provide post-secondary opportunities for first generation college students and/or economically disadvantaged students. 
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